Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a “network”?

- A network is a social structure comprised of participants affiliated with each other through one or more types of ties such as:

(i) business relations,

(ii) held values or beliefs,

(iii) friendship, family relations or ethnicity.


What is Polish Network activity?

Polish Network activity involves:

(i) the integration of Polish professionals and entrepreneurs in their local communities and in specific locations throughout the world (including Poland),

(ii) their linkage via the Network that extends to countries where members reside,

(iii) promotion of the idea of Polish national (ethnic) solidarity, and

(iv) support for Polish entrepreneurs. 

Such actions serve to develop social capital (including relations) and the entrepreneurship of Poles.


Do national ties still have sense in the contemporary world?

- In our view, absolutely.

First of all, national identity provides a feeling of belonging, continuity, foundation and (in addition to gender, religion or race) creates a reference point in perceiving the rest of the world.  Nationality is, therefore, for the vast majority of people a vital element of their own “I”.

Secondly, distinct culture, identity and spirituality of nations that arise, among others, from the specific nature of their historical development in given geographic conditions enriches civilization and renders it more diverse (less homogenous), and thus more flexible and interesting.


What is the Polish Network’s political orientation?

- The Polish Network supports involvement in political and public life because this is a means of protecting and promoting the interests of Poles, as well as a civic duty in specific countries. 

At the same time, the Polish Network is an apolitical organisation in the sense that it never promotes a certain political orientation or party.  Therefore, by definition it is neither a right wing, centrist or left wing organisation.  It is also not affiliated organisationally with any political parties in Poland or abroad. 

We encourage participation in politics, but feel that a chosen course remains a private matter of Network members.


What are Network relations with Polish governmental authorities?

- The Polish Network is fully independent of any governmental (administrative) authorities in Poland (or abroad).  Such dependence could weaken mutual trust and motivation of Network members and lead to its gradual state takeover.


Who are Network members?

- Polish Network members are primarily persons who have education in a given profession and practice such profession, as well as entrepreneurs; Poles living in Poland and abroad. 

Our aim is to have the Polish Network be an organisation of many generations, various standpoints, and to be present in as many countries as possible.


What conditions must be met in order to become a Network member?

- First of all, the aim of the Polish Network is to promote Poles and the Polish heritage, which is why only a person with Polish ethnicity can become a Network member, which means being an ethnic Pole (administrative issues as to whether a candidate holds Polish citizenship are irrelevant). 

Secondly, a Network candidate must have higher education confirmed by a graduate diploma. 

Thirdly, each Network member should be fluent in either Polish or English, ideally both languages. 

Fourthly, in order to maintain organisation coherence, each candidate must share Western cultural values such as: ● freedom of expression, belief and assembly, ● equality before the law, ● formal and actual equal rights of women, ● belief in democracy and pluralism, ● separation of church and state, ● respect for private property, ● unfettered entrepreneurship, ● free-market economy (also protecting competition) as well as ● the idea of political authority understood to mean public service subject to law and reason and limited by the rights of individuals and nation.

An ideal candidate for the Polish Network:

(i) is a graduate of a renowned university (Polish or foreign),

(ii) has fluent oral and written knowledge of English,

(iii) is proactive, and

(iv) if residing abroad - is a member of a local Polish organisation.


What is the Polish Network’s information policy?

- All information on the Polish Network that we wish to share is presented on the website.  No one is entitled to speak to the media in the Polish Network name. 

The Polish Network has the nature of a private mailing list and membership is a personal matter of everyone who joins.  Therefore, the Polski Network does not provide any information on its members. 


How is privacy of Network members protected?

- The Polish Network is a private mailing list and inclusion is a personal decision of each participant.  For this reason, with the exception of specific situations mandated by law, we do not provide any information on Network members.