Our mission

There are more than 55 million of us Poles and persons of Polish origin.  Approximately 37.4 million live in Poland (census from 2011) and approximately 18 million abroad (data from the Polish Foreign Ministry for 2013) in more than 100 countries throughout the world - from Stockholm through Berlin, Paris, London, Dublin, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Moscow, Vilnius, and Lviv all the way to Tahiti and Georgie Town on the Cayman Islands.  We have the sixth largest diaspora in the world - more than 25% of our nation.

The Polish Network has been created in order to mobilise, integrate and exploit this scattered potential.  The organisation constitutes a platform for the exchange of information and establishment of business and personal contacts: (i) between Poles living in Poland and their countrymen throughout the world, (ii) between Poles living in various countries outside of Poland, and (iii) between Poles in various areas of Poland.

The Polish Network is comprised of Polish professionals (doctors, engineers, lawyers, accounting and management specialists, IT specialists, architects, journalists, financiers etc.), as well as entrepreneurs (businessmen), investors, scientists, public activists and persons active in culture and art.  We seek to be a global communications platform for Polish business and intellectual communities.

Our members, who live in several dozen countries throughout the world, are ready to support Poles, promote a feeling of solidarity among them as well as establish contact and cooperation with persons of other nationality who have Polish ancestors or who simply have an affinity to Poles and Poland.

The beauty of this world stems, among others, from its variety that contributes to flexibility, dynamic development, creativity, and rebirth.  This constitutes the power of a civilization. Network members promote variety by upholding their Polish identity and Slavic heritage in an increasingly global and culturally unifying world.