Terms of Network membership

We cordially invite persons to join the Polish Network who meet the following conditions:

(i) are Poles,

(ii) support the idea of solidarity among compatriots, their common endeavour and integration,

(iii) have higher education, namely a graduate diploma (from a university in Poland or other country),

(iv) are fluent in Polish or English,

(v) whose Network membership will bring added value to organisation members,

(vi) who share Western cultural values such as: ● freedom of expression, belief and assembly; ● equality before the law, ● formal and actual equal rights for women, ● belief in democracy and pluralism ● separation of church from state, ● respect for private property, ● unfettered entrepreneurship, ● free-market economy (also protecting competition) as well as ● the idea of political authority understood to mean public service subject to law and reason and limited by the rights of individual and nation.


An ideal candidate for the Polish Network:

(i) is a graduate of a renowned (Polish or foreign) university,

(ii) is fluent in written and oral English,

(iii) is proactive, and

(iv) if residing abroad - belongs to a Polish organisation at the place of residence.