What is Polish Network?

POLISH NETWORK (Polski Network) is a global organization of Poles, which seeks to link Polish professionals across national borders (financiers, doctors, lawyers, architects, journalists, IT specialists, etc.), entrepreneurs, scientists, persons affiliated with culture and art as well as those involved in public causes.

Network members live and work in more than a dozen countries in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania, Asia and Africa.

We promote and practice the idea of mutual support of Poles in business, as well as political and public activity in every country of residence, irrespective of generational gaps or divergent political views.

We want Polish nationality to provide a sense of community and belonging to a valuable society, prestige and - as a result of contact with compatriots from throughout the world - the ability to grow in professional, business and scientific life.

The following specialised sub-groups operate within the framework of the Polish Network (www.PolishNetwork.org):

business – www.PolishBusinessNetwork.org

legal – www.PolishLawyerNetwork.org

finance – www.PolishFinancierNetwork.org

engineering – www.PolishEngineerNetwork.org

medical – www.PolishDoctorNetwork.org

scientific – www.PolishScientistNetwork.org